Topic Sentence Of Characters In Macbeth

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Topic Sentence:
When there is light, there is shadow. This is true with William Shakespeares Macbeth as the main character of the same name is slowly transformed into a malevolent person that can only be stopped by the “light” of another character, Macduff.

Macbeth and Macduff rely on each other as opposing forces in the play but cannot coexist because of the parallels between them.

Three points:
• The rise of Macbeth introduces Macduff
• Macduff and Macbeth’s characters are foils
• Macduff must kill Macbeth to restore balance in the Country

Body Paragraph #1
Topic Sentence:
As Macbeth rises in power, Macduff’s role in the play becomes more prominent.

Sub point:
Macbeths first major villainous deed was killing King Duncan. In the next scene after his actions, Macduff is introduced to the audience.

Quote: (Act two Scene 3 Lines 41-46)

This quote shows the urgency of Macduff to go see the King right away even though he does not know what has been done Duncan. Shakespeare does this right after the murder to show the presence of Macbeths evil is what brought Macduff to existence in the first place and to cement a future hero in Macduff.

Sub point:
After Macbeth is announced to become King, Macduff refuses to go to Scone to celebrate his coronation and instead goes home to Fife.

Quote: (Act two Scene 4 Lines 31-37)

This refusal to go celebrate his new Kings coronation is a very big deal considering the time period of the play. Kings were viewed as second to only god in the great chain of being and to not show up to a coronation shows complete disrespect from Macduff. Macduff is the only nobleman not to go, showing how he is different from the rest and the only one suspecting Macbeth may be the culprit. This unique ability Macduff carries foreshadows his tenacious opposing force against Macbeth later in the play.

Body Paragraph #2
Topic Sentence:
Macduff’s character is used as an effective foil for Macbeth in the play. The foil serves to show the parallels between these two characters.

Sub point:
Macduff is shown as endearing and emotional while Macbeth is cold and lacks empathy.

(Act two Scene 3 Lines 59-65)

Macduff is genuinely horrified
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