Topic. The World Bank Uses A Multitude Of Corrupt Policies

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The World Bank uses a multitude of corrupt policies and economic and social ordinances that ultimately harm those who are under them and more specifically the Third World. Despite initial intentions of positive social and economic change, the World Bank uses its influence as a powerful corporation to falsify the aid given to those who need it most.
Tentative Thesis Statement
We want to believe that human nature innately wants to do good, to change the world and save the lives of thousands, yet this is more than often not the case. When an institution gains enough power in a capitalist society, it will eventually succumb to immense corruption that damages those that it had initially intended to assist. The World Bank is used as the …show more content…

I.e. “The total amount of loans stolen in Indonesia to be more than $8 million” (Weaver 127).
Sub-point 3: IFI’s: International Financial Institutions

Three Main Sources

Harriss, John. Depoliticizing Development: The World Bank and Social Capital. New Delhi: Leftword, 2001. Print.

This novel analyses the perspective of The World Bank from its initial belief that ‘social connections’ are the ‘missing link’ in international development. This notion of ‘social capital’ has strongly been pushed by The World Bank, a concept that ultimately only obscures politics and power. It came to light through early influences such as Putnam, “Robert Putnam (…) claimed to have demonstrated there are strong casual connections between the existence of ‘civic engagement’ (…) and outcomes that can be labelled as ‘good governance’. (Harriss 113). As, most western ideals there is the decision between ‘us and them’ or ‘civil and uncivil’, The World Bank’s looks at Third World Countries with an ‘uncivil lens’ that would therefore justify the introjection of a third party to ‘aid’ said countries. Ultimately, Harriss believes in the ‘de-politicization of development’ and essentially deconstructing class and power systems to benefit society. This is important to my essay as it challenges the political failures of The World Bank.

Toussaint, Eric. The World Bank: A Critical Primer, Pluto, 2008.

This book exposes the truth about The World Bank’s subsidiaries.

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