Topic Two Part B: Identifying Giftedness In Schools

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Topic Two Part B: Identification of giftedness


The major focus of this literature was around the current ways that schools identify students who are gifted and how sometimes these identifying techniques are less than satisfactory.

Callahan et al (2012). indicate that one of the major issues with current gifted education is the differing standards that are used to identify students for these gifted programs. They go onto mention what with this wide discrepancy within the identification process, leads to multiple differing understandings of what giftedness means Callahan et al, and thus many students going unrecognized as gifted.

It was suggest that while some schools are trying efficiently to identify these gifted students their
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This lead into the next point that not all students are gifted in the same way, with some students being gifted in mathematics, but showing no real aptitude towards for any other content area (Bevan-Brown, 2011) Which is where educators are missing gifted students because they are looking for students who are gifted in all areas, which is resulting in so many students slipping through the cracks.

This is a multidimensional issue that will only be corrected through furthering teacher education, and allowing teachers to better understand what the issues are and how they can help be part of the solution (Pfeiffer, 2012.; Callahan et al,
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How do we as a community decided what counts as giftedness and what doesn’t, this teamed with the wide spread of what counts as giftedness, made me consider if anyone is truly actually gifted or because they find curtain think

“The process of identification will, of course, vary considerably depending on how a school district defines giftedness” (Callahan et al, 2012)

This quote is something that I found so thought provoking. When we think about terms such as Asperger’s or dyslexia their definitions are the same across states and countries. Then how is giftedness a term that is so open to interpretation? With it being so open is this major reason that so many young gifted students feel that they aren’t being catered for effectively because they do not meet the standards of that
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