Topicality In No Greater Love By Danielle Steel

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Topicality of the subject. One of the necessitating topicalities of this research is to show how a person can take a heavy responsibility on his or her shoulders, making her bend but not break. “No Greater Love” is a historical fiction that touches the theme of love, loyalty and how a person’s life can change in a night, the novel is also partly of Titanic disaster which happened in 1912. Many writers addressed this theme and many had gained success. But Danielle Steel, the author of “No Greater Love” could reveal the deepest feelings hidden in one’s soul. This novel portrays us the life that is very real, it describes young Edwina’s love, loss, loyalty, sorrows, responsibility. She is strong, at the same time fragile. These, of
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The second chapter deals with the analysis of the characters of the novel, the second sub-chapter of the second chapter is about Titanic.
In the letters written by Danielle Steel is said about the novel and mostly about its genre.
We see that “No Greater Love” shows the facts of real life, such as Titanic disaster and First World War. Actually, the novel in itself is very real, because some parts of the story are very similar to the fragments of our own lives. The story has educating aspects, one can find consolation while reading. Because all the viewpoints of the truth are depicted there. This is a story about Edwina’s life, but in the face of Edwina, Danielle Steel described all of our lives. “No Greater Love” is a consolation for those who met with loss, who experienced disasters and wars. This is a support for those who sacrificed their own happiness. If you lost somebody it doesn’t mean world’s stopped revolving, life goes on and you must learn to live somehow. At last, No Greater Love is a story about life lesson, it is a work for everybody and I’m sure you will enjoy of

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