Topics Covered by Ian Frazier, Leslie Silko, and Gore Vidal Essay

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All of the writers were great but the three I think you should use again are, Ian Frazier, Leslie Silko, and Gore Vidal. These three writers wrote about some of the top discussed topics that are cycling around the United States. Frazier wrote about common heroism, and how anybody can be a hero. Silko wrote about whether or not carrying a concealed weapon should be legal or not, and the dangers if someone with improper training of a concealed weapon can be. Vidal wrote about whether or not drugs should be legalized, and the effects it will have on people. I have heard each of those topics in the news, on the radio, and on TV. They are three big topics that people should definitely be reading on and learning about, and have other people’s…show more content…
In her article she tells us about how at a very young age her father got her into shooting, and since then has taught her about gun safety and how to properly handle a gun. She mentions that her father once told her that if she ever saw another person with a gun to not believe that they properly know how to use it, and to start moving away from that person. Silko’s article is a very good article and has a very good point, that they should have special classes and harder training for people to get a concealed weapons permit. I believe this article should for sure be allowed to be used in this comp I class. It explains a very good point that a gun in the hands of someone who does not know how to use it, creates a very dangerous situation. For instance the shooting at the elementary school in Colorado, if that man’s mother would have had better instruction on how to lock up and store her guns, then maybe her son wouldn’t have been able to get ahold of them so easily and have been able to kill and harm the many people he did. Finally Gore Vidal, he has written the article “drugs” which is his case in why marijuana should be legalized. This topic has been mentioned on the radio many times in just the past few weeks, and many people are fighting to have this topic on the next year’s ballet. Well Vidal describes that he, himself, has experimented with just about every drug including opium “disproving the popular Fu Manchu theory
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