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Topics (12-15предложений) Mass Media 1 “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power, because they control the minds of the masses.” (Graham Greene, English writer) [(a) define the notion of mass media; (b) classify all the existing types of mass media (print and electronic); (c) explain the functions fulfilled by the media and comment on the recent trends]. Ответ :Mass media (that is, the press, the radio, television, internet) provideinstant, in-depth coverage of an event in the life of society. They inform, educate and entertain people. They also influence the way people look at the world and make them change their views. Mass media…show more content…
Ответ :а) US Department of Defense created ARPANET (a predecessor of the Internet). It was created so that the flow of information was possible in all conditions. Later a worldwide computer network was created, and then the Internet appeared. There are some advantages and disadvantages of the Internet. Advantages : Easy and cheap communication, sending small or big files with others easily, Loads of information, Entertainment, Services, Earn money. Disadvantages : Virus Threat, Theft of Personal Information, Information overload,Spamming, Pornography. Internet for me is: information and different news, communication, entertainment (music, videos) and shopping. Speaking about the statement above, we can say that it’ s true. The Internet has already entered our ordinary life. It’s hard to imagine our lives without Internet nowadays. It has become an important part of every person’s life. 5. “Most of us appreciate that celebrity and greatness are not the same. <…>So what turns a famous person into a celebrity? Narrative.<…> Celebrity is a great new entertainment in a society hungry for entertainment.”(from the article “Toward a New
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