Topics Paper - Handwashing and Safe Work Place Hygiene.

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William Hughes
Hand washing assignment
In today’s society, people have become very physical as a whole. From hugging to shaking hands, everyone in the world has had contact with at least one other person in their life whether it be direct or indirect. With this much contact between people, you would think that people would keep in mind the presence of the different bacteria and germs that can be transferred from person to person. Hand washing has been proven to reduce the amount of germs on the surface of the hands. This in turn helps reduce the transfer of bacteria and germs from one person to another. Unfortunately not everyone washes their hands or if they do they don’t wash them properly.
Over the past week I have gone
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With each customer, the cashier has to manually pick up each individual item and swipe them across the scanner. This being said, you would think that hand washing or the usage of hand sanitizer would make since in between the different customers. Of the five cashiers working, only one used hand sanitizer. 20% made sure that their hands were clean in between working with different customers. I was really impressed with that one associate in particular due to the fact that not only did she try and reduce the spread of germs, she separated the groceries into like categories. She placed meat with meat, canned goods with canned goods, and bread with bread. I was a big fan of how she tried to cut down on the cross contamination between the food. The others unfortunately did not make the cut. After ringing up the groceries they would stand there and play with their phones or clean up under their register. One girl had an order where the chicken breast package leaked out on the top. After picking it up, she got some of the chicken juice on her hands. All she did was take a paper towel and dry it off of her hands before she continued to ring up the rest of the customer’s order. Each register has a bottle of hand sanitizer that sits on top of the counter by the register. There is no reason why associates can’t use them in order to kill the germs that they carry on their hands.
Although some people wash their hands, it is clear
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