Topics in Cultural Studies

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RUNNING HEAD: INTRODUCTION TO THE HUMANITIES AIU HUMA215-1204A-19 TOPICS IN CULTURAL STUDIES INTRODUCTION TO THE HUMANITIES UNIT 1 IP JEFFREY HANCOCK IINTRODUCTION TO THE HUMANITIES Abstract When comparing and contrasting the cultures of Greek and Roman civilization, there are many noted similarities and differences. This paper will focus on a few of the prominent features and attempt to define the differences, while noting the similarities. INTRODUCTION TO THE…show more content…
Due to bad agricultural practices, many farmers just simply couldn’t produce enough food to feed themselves and their families and were forced to turn over their farms to large estates, which put into practice the art of crop rotation, planting grape and olive plants to replenish the soils with much needed nutrients. The wine and olive oils produced from this practice created more exports for the country, leading to monetary gains, and expanded trade. Rome, on the other hand, imported most of the needed products. Wheat was a largely imported product, but the government showed little restraint when annexing a province that had the potential for supplying large amount of this valuable commodity. * Both had mining industries * Both relied on slave labor to extract valuable resources from the earth * Both had a monetary system in place * Both had trade systems in place that created economic prosperity for the citizens, but the majority of the gained wealth went to the government and/or the rulers of the countries INTRODUCTION TO THE HUMANITIES Geographical Terrain Both are Mediterranean countries, but have noticeably different terrain features. Ancient Greece and its cities/states were
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