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Introduction I am looking at Topshop for this report. Topshop is a very large British fashion store for young women selling fashion clothes, shoes and accessories. There are Topshop stores throughout the UK. The flagship store in London Oxford Street is the biggest fashion store in Europe. Topshop is part of the Arcadia group which owns other fashion stores such as Miss Selfridge and Warehouse. Topshop mainly sells its own brand products but in larger stores it has concessions of other more expensive similar clothes. As well as selling Topshop clothes in Topshop store, they have concessions in large department stores such as Selfridges. They also have a website where you can buy a lot of the Topshop range including shoes and clothes for…show more content…
This makes the card holder feel more special and they will probably spend quite a lot of money if they attend these evenings. Consumer environment. Depending on the time of day you go into Topshop depends on the types of people you would see in there. In the week in the morning the shop is normally quite empty, the only people you would see in there are young women who are probably unemployed or students. These people probably will not buy much but will stay in the store for a while. If you go in to Topshop at lunch time it will be busier and will have young professionals who are just popping in on their lunch break. These people probably already know what they are going to buy and so will just buy it then leave. At weekends the store is a lot busier, it is full of all sorts of people who will probably all spend quite a while in the shop trying things on and then buying. All Topshop stores look very similar when you walk in, you will know you are in a Topshop store. There are always pictures of the latest fashions on the walls. There are also a lot of things to look at instantly when u walk in whether it is accessories or the latest fashions. For example in the London Oxford Street flagship the floor you walk in on is full of accessories and so it is very colourful and exciting especially compared to the dull, busy street outside. All Topshops are very brightly lit but the walls are normally white and the pictures are often black and white. I

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