Topshop Marketing Plan

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Marketing Plan

Executive summary

This marketing plan examines the case of TOPSHOP as a UK’s fast-fashion retailer. The following marketing plan is structured according the SOSTAC framework. Topshop is operating under the parental Arcadia Group. Over the latest years, Topshop has been one of the most popular UK’s fast-fashion retailers. The company is a multinational Omni-channel fashion retailer. Topshop is well-known for its high-quality products in medium low prices. The company’s portfolio owns a wide range of products and services. According to the Situational Analysis, the UK’s macro environment has changed over the latest years. The UK’s fast-fashion industry is becoming more and more cluttered with competitors from both UK
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Topshop in terms of gaining the competitive advantage inside UK’s fashion market tries to differentiate itself by promoting its online business, its international brand position and its collaborations with popular celebrities. The company’s objectives are following the SMART framework. The objectives are oriented on increasing UK’s market share, re-positioning the brand name in UK and following a tighter stock management. The Topshop marketing mix strategy is based on its STP strategies and is shaped by the UK’s external environment. However, the company is still strong focused on its digital performance and international expansion. Finally, the company in terms of examine the effectiveness of its strategies and objectives should implement, control and evaluate its strategies in depth.
Table of Contents 1.Introduction 4 2. Company’s Profile 4 2.1 Topshop History 4 2.2 Scope of Operations 5 3. Situational Analysis 6 3.1 External Analysis/UK’s Macro-Environment 6 3.2 Internal Analysis 12 4. Marketing Strategy 14 4.1 Objectives 14 4.2 SMART Objectives 15 4.3 Generic Growth Strategy 18 4.4 STP Strategy 18 4.5 Marketing Mix 19 5. Implementation, Control & Evaluation 21 6. Conclusion 22 7. References 23 8. Appendices 24 8.1 Appendix 1 24 8.2 Appendix 2 25 8.3 Appendix 3 26


The aim of this Marketing Plan is to examine and evaluate the implementation of Top Shop’s marketing
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