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Tornadoes I. Introduction A. Facts 1. Definition 2. Wind Speeds 3. Damage 4. Number Of Tornadoes Per Year 5. Deaths And Injuries B. Types Of Tornadoes 1. Weak 2. Strong 3. Violent C. Average Tornado 1. Variation a. Waterspout 2. Distance Moved D. Frequency Of Tornadoes 1. Southern States 2. Northern States II. Where Tornadoes Come From A. Energy 1. Thunderstorm III. Where And When Tornadoes Occur A. North America 1. Rocky Mountains 2. Appalachian Mountains B. Other Areas Of The World C. Spring And Summer 1. When IV. Damage A. Wind 1. Materials 2. Animals 3. Explosions V. Detection Of Tornadoes A. Doppler Radar 1. SKYWARN VI. Prediction…show more content…
The last category for tornadoes is violent ones. With these comes winds greater than two hundred and five miles per hour, they can last about an hour, and have seventy percent of all deaths from tornadoes. Variations. Some variations of tornadoes are that they can be found in the early stages of rapidly developing thunderstorms. This type of tornado is most common along the range of the Rocky Mountains, the Plains, and the Western States. Tornadoes may appear nearly transparent until dust and debris are picked up. Occasionally, two or more tornadoes may occur at the same time. Another type of tornado is known as a waterspout. This is a weak tornado that forms over warm water. They are most common along the Gulf Coast and southeastern states. In the western United States, they occur with cold late fall or late winter storms, during a time when you least expect it to develop. They occasionally move inland becoming tornadoes that can cause a great deal of damage and many injuries. Average Tornado. The average tornado moves from southwest to northeast, but they have been known to move in any direction. The average forward speed is about thirty miles per hour but can vary from that to seventy before it really gets going. Frequency Of

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