Tornadoes-Personal Narrative

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It was a seemingly normal, sunny day in Kansas. It did began to rain, but that was normal, rain happens everywhere. I still remember everything from what I was doing, and where I was at. This is the story of the tornado that ripped through my town in 2011.
I was in my reading circle group. This is something that everyone had , we were at a huge school, so we were all in different rooms with our reading groups for that time. The window was open, which let in a small breeze, that was also combined with the sound of a thunderstorm in the distance. I was and still am terrified of storms, but I can control this fear of loud noises at school, so I was calm. A huge breeze suddenly came in but we thought nothing of it. We were reading Junie B. is
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Sometimes our tests for tornadoes would be at the same time of the test for the whole town, I was freaked out though, just a little bit because of the sirens, every time they came on I was freaking out but, I was still upset that I didn't get to read. To my surprise, everyone was freaking out and crying. I didn't understand why, but they were the younger kids.We made it to the safe spot which was right outside of our pads, near the library. In my head, it was the set of a normal drill, cover your head, then the creepy thing would happen where they would cover the huge library window when a metal sheet. My best friend Elise was sitting next to me and I asked her if it was a drill. She said,¨No!¨ Then we both started crying. I was thinking and praying that my principal would walk in and give her normal speech after the drill, but it wasn´t a drill.
After the tornado though, there was an early out. Which would be obvious. We lived in a trailer park, so in my scared mind, my family was hurt and my house was destroyed and i was hoping that my family and pets made it to shelter. My mom came and got me and told me everyone was ok, and that we are fine. When we made it into our trailer park, there was a news van a very big famous news of Kansas in our Trailer Park!! Which recently after trying to show people the news I found out my friend's aunt was on the
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