Toronto Blue Jays Case Study

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The Toronto Blue Jays are in the midst of a tight race as the playoffs approach. There are many areas of improvement that the Jays need to focus on in order to compete, let alone qualify for the post-season. The one major concern for the Jays is defence, as it has been their achilles heel and needs rapid improvement. The Jays gave up six unearned runs on their seven-game road trip. You can not give good teams extra outs and baserunners. Toronto paid a price for their defensive deficiencies against the Angels and Mariners. They will need to clean that up immediately if they are going to maintain their position in the wild-card race. Plagiarism occurs when a body of work is claimed to be original by a student, despite the improper uncited use of another author's work (Kemper, 94). The above paragraph contains an example of this (italicized) because the writer attempted to submit another author's writing as their original work. Indications of plagiarism include a lack of quotation marks around the copied material as well as a missing citation from where the work was taken.…show more content…
Through citations you relay to the reader that you are not responsible for this passage as it belongs to the primary author.
Another way to address plagiarism in your work is to paraphrase the information you are using. For example, the plagiarized material can be rephrased
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