Toronto Maple Leafs Contenders

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Impossible, you might say, and that would have been the case just a mere two seasons ago when they fell off the cliff and crash landed into the bottom of the Eastern Conference, but the Maple Leafs are a different team now. They have rebuilt, oted, and redeemed themselves in a city where winning has become a dot on the horizon. They have accumulated all of the things that take a team to the playoffs: improved defense, explosive offence, and unbelievably talented goaltending. With the fresh vision of their head coach, Randy Carlyle, the Toronto Maple Leafs have become a team with a shot at the playoffs this season. To begin with, one of the most important reasons why the Leafs have become a contending team this season is because of their outstanding improvement on the blue line. Putting the puck in the net has never been an issue nor a worrisome topic in the city of Toronto. Fans hear the buzzer go off at the ACC regularly and it has been something we have taken pride in. Nonetheless, when your defense can not defend, there just is not enough goals to score, which is why the case has been different this season and in as the talented players on this team have finally had their time to emerge thanks to the defense doing their jobs. Let’s be honest , one does not simply find themselves in dead last one year, and magically climb to 5th the next. No, the Buds made some major changes over the years, and though it took somewhat longer than…
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