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Toronto, Ontario, Canada Retail Information Industry of Canada states that within Canada, there are many types of retail locations. These include shopping malls, power centres, independent retailers and multi-chain outlets. There is the ability to have an overwhelming amount of different retail location types as Canada follows the four seasons. This means that it encounters the hot summers, rainy springs, a windy fall, and cold winters. Due to all the temperature changes throughout the year, there must be accommodations. This is because consumers do not stop shopping and wanting to buy goods just because of a temperature change. By providing many types of retail locations, consumers can shop in any type of weather condition. Due to Canada…show more content…
In Canada, retail prices are used to calculate changes in the cost of living through the consumer price index which measures the percentage change over time (2006). Discussion Cuba’s development from around 1960 to the 1980s is important as there is the impact of international situations constantly changing Cuba’s economy and lastly, how Cuba responded to the change and made efforts to diversify foreign trade investments. This is important as it helps with analyzing Cuba’s economy and giving academic support to knowledge persuaded. There will also be a more statistical approach when comparing it to Canada. These findings are crucial as they play a major role in retail spaces and the fashion industry. Retail and distribution systems in transnational economies are also crucial to take into consideration when looking at the research question as with the information and research that has been gathered, there has been a concluding result in the findings of the Cuban market with Cuban wholesaling distribution in the wholesale and retail distribution system, and how it has changed since the collapse of the Soviet Union. The financial aspects to companies are also extremely important when looking at retail space location. With this topic, there will be a focus on if the government is in control of it or if it is a freestanding store. For Cuban stores, there are both state-run clothing shops when customers spend their cash. Cubans can also use their
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