Toronto Public Health And Tb Program Prevention Essay

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Toronto Public Health and TB Program Prevention, Management and Treatment
Thi Thanh Tuyen (Rosa) Pham

NUR 102
Luella Orr
October 26, 2016

Toronto Public Health and TB Program Prevention, Management and Treatment
Tuberculosis (TB), which infects one-third of the world population, is a disease with one of the highest mortality rates in the world (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2016a). It is reported that there is an approximately low TB occurrence in nations that have the highest income and middle income; however, there are specific communities such as homeless, poor people and lawbreakers in these countries that have the highest TB incidence (Gärden et al., 2013). Therefore, public health policies about preventing and treating tuberculosis in the marginalized and disfavoured groups have never failed to get social attention. The city of Toronto has been applying Nightingale’s theory of ensuring ventilation and warming, maintaining the cleanliness, and reinforcing the observing of the sick to develop a TB program in order to diminish the spreading and impacts of TB as well as to enhance the support for displaced, disciplinary communities.
Nightingale’s notion of a therapeutic environment plays a critical role in establishing the TB program for homeless, correctional populations of Toronto because it has reduced TB’s airborne transmission, a factor that makes TB a worldwide pandemic. In Canada, TB was possibly transmitted to Aboriginal people in
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