Toronto Star Conducted An Analysis On The Toronto Police

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The Toronto Star conducted an analysis on the Toronto Police that looked into the concept of racial profiling and if race matters. The Toronto Star obtained data on police arrest data and a second set of data that details who Toronto police choose to stop and document in encounters that usually result in no arrest or charges (Toronto Star 2010, p.2). The Star used the 2006 Census data to compare the police arrest data and stop and document encounters to the different ethnic populations in Toronto. Below is the ethnic populations in Toronto.
Skin Colour Total Population Percent
Black 208,555 8.4%
White 1,313,935 53.1%
Brown (S. Asian, W. Asian, Arab) 363,625 14.7%
Other 590,450 23.8%
Total 2,476,565 100.0%
(Toronto Star, 2010)
The data collected from the Toronto Police Services came from 3 sources, the Criminal Information Processing System (CIPS). The data collected from the CIPS entails 515,000 incidents, involving 297,216 individuals, in which either an arrest or criminal charge was laid, or non-criminal traffic offences were laid. The data includes age, gender, birth place, immigration status, skin colour, charge and offence information, and where the arrest occurred (p.3). The Master Names Index (MANIX) Records data gathered from police contact cards, from noncriminal encounters with the public. Includes details on appearance, age, gender, location, mode of transportation and skin colour. In 2003-2007, the police filed out 1.5 million contact cards with 1.1 million…
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