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| | | | | | | | INTRODUCTION This preliminary project scope statement defines the scope of The Toronto Sun Caribana Parade Project. The project deals with managing a major sponsorship event for the Toronto sun and its presence in the city’s annual caribana parade, on Aug 2, 2008 at 10:00AM. The main challenge is to make the company’s float a success. The Toronto sun earned its place in the parade as the primary media sponsor for the event. Pulling the company’s float from the biggest event in the city would mean gaining valuable marketing exposure. PRODUCT & PROJECT OBJECTIVES Project objective is to manage Toronto Sun’s involvement at the Caribana Festival before August 2, 2008 (within 40 days) which includes:-…show more content…
* Scope Constraint The project has many deliverables dependent on many stakeholders (internal & external). * Cost Constraint Cost not to be exceeded by $400 cash and contra advertisements only. PROJECT REQUIREMENTS & DELIVERABLES S.No. | DELIVERABLE | REQUIREMENT | 1 | Float | Design & Assembly of Float | 2 | Banners | Color & Placement of Banners on Float | 3 | Truck Driver | Must be available for minimum 08:00hrs on the day of parade | 4 | T-Shirt | Bright Colored T-Shirts with “Toronto Sun Caribana” written on it. | 5 | Waivers | Appropriate Volunteer Waiver Forms for legal department/requirements. | 6 | Giveaways | Assorted Candies, Whistles and Necklace (Mardi Gras) | 7 | Entertainers | Requirement of Live Band/DJ Radio/Pre-recorded Music | 8 | Truck/Tractor/Trailer | Must have a safe and easy access place for keeping giveaways. | 9 | Volunteer Kits | Snack food including Granola Bars & Fruit, Sunscreen, Water Bottle. | PROJECT ORGANISATION CHART INITIAL DEFINED RISKS Bad Weather Delay in float preparation Driver doesn’t show up Fire on float Flat tire of float Less volunteers show up Delay in banners Less sponsors for contra advertisements Delay in FMC Permission Delay in t-shirts and wrong printing/wrong color used SCHEDULE MILESTONES Volunteer Management Entertainment & Materials Sign In of float by FMC Float design completion INITIAL WORK BREAKDOWN
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