Toronto Wildlife Center Qualities

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Some qualities of an effective website include easy accessibility, physical attractiveness, accuracy, and credibility. An example of an effective and successful website is the Toronto Wildlife Centre website. Toronto Wildlife Centre ( is an organization that promotes stewardship, conservation and protection of our nature. Its mission is to promote the peaceful relationship between people and wildlife by education and care of the wild life. In this report, the Toronto Wildlife Centre website is evaluated and analyzed in detail based on three criterial topics of authority, objectivity, and technicalities, to determine the overall effectiveness of the website. To begin with, the Toronto Wildlife website has clear and detailed information on authority. For example, the author of the website, Nathalie Karvonen, can be easily identified under the “Contact Us” link. In addition, Nathalie’s credentials can be easily determined under her contact information. For example, her credentials inform that Nathalie is a wildlife biologist who founded the Toronto Wildlife Centre. It…show more content…
The Toronto Wildlife Centre website has its purpose clearly identified as to promote the peaceful relationship between people and wildlife. In addition, the sponsors are clearly stated on the website. Some sponsors include Ontario Power Generation, The Rogers Foundation, The Eric S. Margolis Family Foundation, The W. Garfield Weston Foundation, and The Estate of Norman Wallace and Mary Smith. Moreover, the intended audience of the website is clearly identified for anyone who is dedicated to work for wildlife care in their community. Lastly, the site is free of bias and discrimination, and there are no advertisements that influence the information. Objectivity allows browsers to understand the goal of the website more clearly, in order to utilize the website more
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