Torque and Angular Acceleration

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NAME: BISMONTE, MA. ELIZABETH | HOMEWORK # 2 | SUBJECT/SECTION: PHY11/B6 | SCORE: | TOPIC: RIGID BODIES, ROTATIONAL KINEMATICS, MOMENT OF INERTIA | 1. A child is pushing a merry-go-round. The angle through the merry-go-round has turned varies with time according to θ(t) = γt + βt3, where γ = 0.400 rad/s and β = 0.0120 rad/s3. a. Calculate the angular acceleration as a function of time. b. What is the initial value of the angular velocity? c. Calculate the instantaneous value of the angular velocity at t =5.00 s and the average angular velocity for the time interval t = 0 to t = 5.00 s. 2. At t = 0 the current to a dc electric motor is reversed, resulting in an angular displacement of the motor…show more content…
an axis parallel to the bar through both balls d. an axis parallel to the bar and 0.500 m from it. 9. A twirler’s baton is made of a slender metal cylinder of mass M and length L. Each end has a rubber cap of mass m, and you can accurately treat each cap as a particle in this problem. Find the total moment of inertia of the baton about the usual twirling axis (perpendicular to the baton through its center) 10. Calculate the moment of inertia of the following uniform objects about the axes indicated. A thin 2.50 kg rod of length 75.0 cm, about an axis perpendicular to it and passing through i. one end ii. its center iii. about an axis parallel to the rod and passing through it 11. A square metal plate 0.180 m on each side is pivoted about an axis through point O at its center and perpendicular to the plate. Calculate the net torque about this axis due to the three forces F1 = 18 N, F2= 26N, and F3= 14N. 12. The flywheel of an engine has moment of inertia 2.50 kg m2 about its rotation axis. What constant torque is required to bring it up to an angular speed of 400 rev/min in 8 s, starting from rest? 13. A uniform 255 N rod that is 2m long carries a 225 N weight at its right end and an unknown weight W toward the left end. When W is placed 50 cm from the left end of the rod, the system just balances horizontally when the fulcrum is located 75 cm form the right end. a. Find W. b. If W is now moved 25 cm to the right, how far and in
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