Tort Law: A Brief Overview

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Scenario Two individuals, the Baker brothers have been long-term employees of Bin Inc. a company earning $240,000 per year and the only company providing food to a chain of guesthouse. The Bakers each make $55,000 per year. The contract between Bin Inc. and the guesthouses was established in 1981 and is currently being renewed every three years on September 30 taking effect January 1 of the following year. Bin Inc. and the guesthouses agreed to have four deliveries per day so that guests are adequately provide for. The Bakers are aware that net profit from Bin Inc. catering operation average $240,000 per year. They also know that late arrivals have caused tension between the guesthouses and Bin Inc. a scenario that are contrary to the agreements between the parties. They have started their own food company (Bakers Inc.) and did not rule out service to the guesthouses. Since starting the company, the Bakers have been absent from Bin Inc. on a number of occasions without pay and this has contributed to the deteriorated service of Bin Inc. to the guesthouses. In addition, seven guests at the guesthouses suffered food poisoning after consuming the food (no fault of their own) on July 18, 2012 and approached the guesthouses who then informed Bin Inc. The tainted food can be traced to the work of Farknn Baker. The Bakers have conceded that Bin Inc. had a recent City inspection on July 10 and was given 15 days to improve sanitary conditions at their kitchen or face closure. Bin

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