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Presented are four separate cases that have been argued and settled in a court of law. Each of these cases represent a different kind of tort, a tort is a civil wrong or wrongful act, which can be either intentional or accidental, from which injury occurs to another (Hill & Hill n.d.). The torts are as listed, intentional, criminal, negligence, and liability as presented in the four researched cases.
State Rubbish Collectors Ass’n v. Siliznoff When a person violates another person’s legal rights deliberately it is considered an intentional tort (Mayer et al. n.d.). Intentional torts are when someone is assaulting someone, trespassing on a person private property, false imprisonment of an individual or individuals,
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The association was held liable for the damages that stemmed from the emotional distress of the defendant. The plaintiff had caused the defendant to suffer such extreme fright that it compelled him to either give up the Acme account he had been working in the service area and give to the State Rubbish Collectors Association back payment or the defendant had to become a member with the association and pay dues.
The courts ruled that the plaintiff had not right to use such coercive methods when competing for business and the liability was clear in this circumstance. The defendant was awarded $1250.00 by the plaintiff for compensatory damages and $4000.00 was awarded by the association for exemplary damages. Plaintiff attempted to appeal stating the awarded amount was excessive; the courts ruled that the amount awarded was not excessive and denied the appeal from the plaintiff. No dissenting opinion was made.
People v. Watson Someone commits a wrongful act and someone is the victim is considered a crime. The charge is against the defendant and if found to be responsible for the crime the defendant serves a sentence and pays a fine to the government and possible restitution is paid to the victim of the crime. The case presented is an example of a person who is accused of a crime. On November 30, 1981 in Shasta County at the Supreme

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