Tort Law

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Lakeshia S. Dalton
HCC 322
Instructor Hwang-Ji Lu
May 31, 2011

Laws are put into place to regulate the behavior of people to benefit society. According to
Pozgar, laws are designed to prevent harm to others while protecting the rights of individuals
(Pozgar 2010 Pg 175). Without laws the world would be a dangerous place to live. There are four laws that most affect the provider and receiver of care. They are tort law, criminal law, contract law , and trial procedures. The most important one to me that would impact the health care field the most would be tort law. This is the law that is a civil wrong. It does not consist of a breech of contract, but is committed against a person or property and is left
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There are decisions that are based on the values of others concerned in the health care of loved ones. For instance if a patient is living on life support devices it may be up to the family to decide to take he or she off of the life support system. It is the doctors obligation to adhere by their wishes, but also to be sure that there is nothing else possible to do in order to save the person’s life. “ Many professional groups such as physicians and attorneys hold themselves accountable through a set of ethical guidelines, but public health professionals have no code of ethics.
Perhaps the explanation is that no single public health profession exists, but rather a variety of different disciplines. Indeed, some public health disciplines have their own ethical codes—e.g., epidemiologists and public health educators. Nevertheless, a code of ethics, or at least a well- articulated values statement, could increase the status of the field and help clarify the distinctive ethical dilemmas faced by public health professionals. Public health professionals work in a field of considerable moral ambiguity where guidance could be instructive.” ( “A public health code of ethics would have to confront the salient issue of fiduciary responsibility. To whom do public health professionals owe a duty of loyalty and how can

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