Tort Lawsuits Argumentative Essay

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Have you ever seen a commercial for mesothelioma victims, saying that billions of dollars have been set aside for those injured by asbestos? That you only need to call the number on your screen to receive your compensation? Or how about the ones for transvaginal mesh implants, Xarelto, or men developing gynecomastia after taking ARVs? These are all tort lawsuits that have been/are being tried in court to punish companies for making faulty products. This seems fair, doesn’t it? It is, don’t get me wrong, but like every good thing it can be taken too far. Let me give you an example. Onder Law Firm of Webster Groves of Missouri came across some cases of baby powder causing ovarian cancer. They took these lawsuits and ran with them. They made…show more content…
Now is the time for reform before prices on all products rise for insurance, before companies go bankrupt, and before we suffer twice for the things we buy-once when we buy the expensive product due to the company's need to pay for insurance and again when it causes an unforeseen harm. Tort lawsuits trace their roots all the way back to medieval times. Back then there was no clear distinction between criminal lawsuits and tort lawsuits, but there were tort cases. A tort lawsuit was first considered any case dealing with trespassing on someone's property, bodily injuring someone, taking a hostage, or damaging someone else's property (Aliprandini and Walter 1). As said, really no clear distinction between criminal and tort lawsuits. Later, in the late 1900’s, tort evolved into more personal injury and wrongful death cases. One case that really kicked off and defined this new evolution was the Goodman v. Yuba Power Products trial in 1963. Yuba produced a tool called the Shopsmith, a saw, drill, and wood lathe all in one. This tool, even when assembled correctly, caused injuries so it was brought to court. The plaintiffs (or the ones bringing the case to court) won large damages to compensate for the injuries caused, This case was the precedent to what we recognize as tort law (Aliprandini and Walter
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