Essay on Tort Liabilities

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Tort Liabilities Nursing homes have the potential to have tort liabilities if the problems are not corrected if harm should occur. A nursing home is a busy place and with different people coming and going throughout the day. A nursing home is a high demand for care of residents. Nursing home staff should be knowledgeable about the resident’s quality of care and should be licensed to perform the care that is given. Possible Tort Liability: Resident that wanders. These residents are the one the always are trying to find a way out of the building. They can walk independently or they can propel themselves around the facility. They are at risk for elopement. These residents can get out by visitors or let themselves out. These…show more content…
This could be a possible unintentional tort: negligence. Possible Tort Liability: Residents that are under nourished. These residents are less than the BMI requirements. These residents have poor appetite and are have lost weight. These residents are at risk for skin breakdowns and infections. These residents should be assessed and seen by their medical physician. These residents also need to be seen by the dietician. The physician and dietician should develop a plan of care for the resident to gain their weight back. These residents are given supplements, high calorie, and high carbohydrates within their diets. These residents are weighed on a daily basis until weight is maintained within normal range. Residents should be documented on every shift and intake and output should be recorded every shift. Residents should be assessed for any other underlying complaints that could be the cause of poor oral intake. Residents should be evaluated by speech therapists to make sure there are no swallowing problems noted. Residents should be placed on acute charting and monitoring every shift. This could be a possible unintentional tort: negligence. Possible Tort Liabilities: Residents with bruises. These residents should be charted on and an incident report should be filled out. The medical doctor should be made aware and the responsible party should be notified. Statements from everyone should be obtained and a statement from the resident should be
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