Tort Reform And The Civil Justice System

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Tort reform is an extremely debatable topic in the political & legal fields. By definition, tort reform refers to, “The proposed changes made in the civil justice system that directly reduces tort litigation or damages.” Generally, when someone mentions tort reform to an everyday normal person who is not familiar with legalese, they don’t have any idea of what the term “tort reform” is. Throughout this, one will understand through the three interviews conducted that two out of three people don’t necessarily understand the full concept of tort reform or have absolutely no idea what it is. One of the most notorious cases that led to the ongoing debate of tort reform is Liebeck v. Mcdonald’s Restaurant. When the case is brought up, one will say, “Isn’t that the lady that burned herself with coffee and then tried to sue for millions of dollars?” People believe they know the details of the case, however one will be able to see, this particular case is often misconstrued. In my personal opinion, after learning and studying the facts of this case, I don’t understand how a human being could be for tort reform after actually learning about the trials and tribulations that certain people in these kinds of cases, especially Stella Liebeck, have to go through. First, the initial opinion of two out of three people when asked what is their opinion of the case is similar. The first interviewee, Tyler, believed Stella Liebeck just burnt her legs a little bit and that it was either the

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