Tortillas In El Salvador

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“Hija, wake up it's time to get ready” I hear that glorious voice every day at 5:00 am, my mother. My parents couldn't support me going to school and not work with my 4 sisters and 1 brother. We all get ready and I'm always the one to get ready first. Make my family's lunch here in El Salvador have a number of tortillas you'll woman working throughout the community attempting to market tortillas yet she barleys earns money because not a lot of people have money. Lucky for us we have enough money for six tortillas each one for each person I'm the oldest in my family. My siblings look up to me because of that I need to be good in life in order for them to do good in life. It’s about 5:28 am I start breakfast we don´t have much to feed my family so I go find something to feed them. We all eat at chairs or floor my parents can afford for a table, so sometimes just sit on the floor or at the chairs. When it's 5:45 am we all head out to the farm it's 3 blocks from my house.
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