Torture And Treatment Of Torture

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The parts in well known movies where the victim is tied to a wall and another causes unnecessary harm to him is classified as torture. In the movie, Saw ll, Jigsaw places a group of people that he believes have done something wrong in a house. Their goal is to work together to escape with clues that Jigsaw gives them. Many torture devices are placed around the house such as a pool of used needles and a furnace. The way to survive the house is to go through torture to get injections needed to stay alive. Torture is pain or physical harm inflicted onto a person by something or someone else. There are many forms of torture and these punishments are usually inflicted for a reason. Like any issue, there are many arguments against torture based on the opinion that it is inhumane. Additionally, laws have been placed into effect to prevent future torture from occurring. Torture exists today in other countries but also some in the United States."Torture victims, who had been detained by the US national security apparatus entirely outside any sort of recognizable functioning system of due process, endured a litany of extreme abuses normally associated with foreign dictatorships: 180-hour sleep deprivation, forced "rectal feeding," rectal "exams" using "excessive force," standing for dozens of hours on broken limbs, waterboarding, being submerged in iced baths, and on and on." (Ahmed, 2014). Torture has been in existence for decades. It became a popular practice during World War ll
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