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Delanders Thompson Ms.Solomon Honors English II May 9, 2014 Torture Used an Interrogation Strategy One of the most controversially talked about topics is should torture be used. Torture is one of the most extreme forms of human violence (Gernity). Torture dates back to 530 A.D, when Roman jurists espoused to virtues of torture as the highest form of truth (Green). Torture was a well-established American tradition (Gewen). Torture can be used to gain valuable information in a timely manner, and other countries at war will not hesitate to use torture against their enemies to gain information. American Police and the U.S. Military have tortured people to gain information and evidence even though it is technically illegal. This shows that…show more content…
Electroshock began in democracies (Gewen). Sleep deprivation and stress positions were common practices of American police (Gewen). There are some bad things about torture. It could lead to torture retaliation from America’s prisoners (Messerli). Torture can lead made-up information (Messerli). People will say anything they think you want hear just to alleviate the pain (Messerli). Torture can create sympathy for people who would otherwise be scorned and shamed (Messerli). Terrorists might choose death over capture in fear of torture. One of the hugest cons to torture is there is always the possibility that the innocent could be tortured (Messerli). In spite of the cons, there are many reasons why tortured should be used. Timely information is needed to capture wanted terrorist. Torture is used to prevent thousands or millions of deaths (Messerli). Terrorists under duress may give the interrogators information that they did not even know to ask (Messerli). What America does to their captives will still be nothing compared to what they will do to American soldiers when captured (Messerli). Interrogating one man can help reveal even more information to prevent other plots (Messerli). Specific terrorists may deserve a little extra punishment for the death and miser they have caused (Messerli). In conclusion, torture is a good interrogation strategy in many situations or cases. Americans, Chinese, North Koreans, North Vietnamese, and Muslim extremists

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