Torture In Medieval Times

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Crime and punishment was much different in medieval times than it is now. In today’s ages you may get sent to jail or prison, or have to do community services. While back then you may be put on the Catherine Wheel, be Drawn Hanged And Quartered, or even be put in the Scavenger's Daughter device. There were many other ways of brutal, diverse ways to make a point
There were many reasons for torture in medieval times. A few reasons would be trying to get information out of a citizen, or trying to get a person to own up to a crime, or to just execute them. The word torture comes from the French word torture, originating in the late Latin tortura and ultimately deriving the past participle of torquere, meaning ‘to twist’ (Medieval 1). An
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This was a device that was an iron muzzle or mask, used for women who couldnt stop gossipping , were caught preaching in public, or who only talked to be rude.An iron plate would also be insearted into the victims mouth just atop the tounge. Spikes could also be added to the plate to cause immense pain if the victim tried speaking. The Brank could be left on for a few hours, months, or even in some cases be left to die in the brank (Sierra 1). More punishment could be added by adding a large bell to the mask, which could cause physical and mental abuse to happen to the victim. One of the last times the brank was recorded being used was in 1856, in Bolton le Moors in Lancashire (Roberts…show more content…
This was a torture device used to crush victims (Roberts 2)The affliction of the Scavenger's Daughter was quite straightforward. After the victim was strapped to a metal frame, the frame was then used to force the knees of the victim to a sitting position. On the opposite side of the device, the frame was then moved so that the head of the casualty was pushed in the opposite direction. This resulted in compressing the body of the victim which damaged the joints and muscles, which also resulted in blood flowing from the nose and ears and eyes of the victim. Many would say being Hanged, Drawn, and Quartered was one of the worst methods of torture. This was a commonly used method of torture in medieval England. It was often saved for prisoners convicted of high treason. First, the casualty was hanged by the neck and just before the minute he would die, he was taken to a wooden edge, where he was then laid and emasculated. At long last, both of his arms and legs were tied with ropes to four different stallions who were whipped to jerk in four different directions, eventually literally tearing the victim into pieces. The mangled limbs were then displayed over the town for all to see. This method was never used on women. As a matter of decency, women would simply be burned at the stake.
Medieval tortures were meant to be very gruesome and publicly humiliating to get the victim to confess to doing a crime. There were countless ways of making a
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