Torture In The Middle Ages And Medieval Times In Lyndhurst

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When one thinks of the Medieval period images of Vikings and Medieval Times in Lyndhurst come to mind. Yet, the Medieval period or Middle Age is more than just Vikings and good turkey legs. It does not just encompass Europe it involves the whole world. The time frame of the Middle Age falls between 500CE and 1500CE. The Medieval period is “characterized by order, hierarchy, and religion”. Now how do they maintain this control and power? They inspire fear to those they preside over. One method of instilling fear into citizens is torture. Torture is used in various ways in different regions of the world. Torture is used as punishment, to maintain social control, religious reasons, and many more. Looking at different regions, the country Europe has many forms of torture for punishment. There was the typical hanging and beheading. A famous beheading tale is the one of King Henry the eighth and his wife Anne Boleyn and her beheading. In Western Europe, a convicted criminal’s head, arms, and legs would be cut off and put on public display. In Romania during the Medieval period Vlad the Impaler ruled. Vlad the Impaler is infamous for impaling criminals on stakes and leaving them out in public. In Europe, “people found guilty of poisoning or making false coins could be boiled alive”. During Medieval Asia and Pacific, the rulers had numerous forms of torture for those who committed crimes. The crimes that were most heinous during this time were poisoning, murder, seriously

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