Torture : The Greatest Violations Of Human Rights

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One of the greatest violations of human rights is torture. Torture is not simple to define but the most generic definition is the execution of physical distress upon others through brutality and assault, for different reasons most of the time for extracting data or for a declaration of guilt, however sometimes it is for the delight of being sadistic. Jonathan Power describes it as “the systematized use of violence to inflict the maximum amount of pain in order to extract information, to break resistance, or simply to intimidate” (O’Bryne 2003, p.140). Torture is a very old process; however, it has evolved with the civilization. According to the great writer Victor Hugo “torture has ceased to exist”; however that is definitely not true since torture has become a notion that is sold and bought in a market (O’Bryne 2003, p.144). In the last hundred years, torment techniques have evolved into being more clinical, more specialized, torture gear have evolved into a product to be purchased and sold on the market, governments have traded tips on effective torment methods – entirely despite of the fact that torment has become banned as per international law. Humans for a few hundred thousand years existed without utilizing torment; just in the last couple of thousand has it turned into a weapon of state.
I distinctly chose to write my paper on the violation of human rights on torture due to the fact that even though it is so utterly inhumane, people and governments
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