Torture Throughout History

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he act of torture throughout history . The devices that was used in slow, painful, and most of the time did not kill them they died because infection set in and got in the blood stream. The state made the churches do most of the torture because they didn't want the state to look like they was doing bad. The Norman French drafted the art of torture of the Anglo-saxons. The Anglo-Saxons used the layers of society (top to bottom king, church, knights, and the peasants) put only the king above the church. The king did not want to look bad , So he had the church perform the torture. To cover it up they made it out to look like it was god word to have them pay back for what crime they did. Not all the time was it fair most of the time the govern…show more content…
The Gelatin or its smaller brother the Halifax is what you now see in movies a lot. Unlike the movies most of the time it was not a clean cut on the first time, most of the time it took more than one try to completely cut the head off. It would hit the back of the neck and bounce off. They would do this till the head was completely off. To me the most interesting way to torture someone was with animals this was used with rats and houses most commonly. The rat would be placed into a metal bucket and the bucket would slowly be heated up till the rat had no way out. The rat would start to eat though the accused body to get away from the heat . the person would be keep alive till the rat eat all the way through. The horses would be tied to both the arms and legs or just a arm and the leg. The torturer would eater slowly pull apart the accused or would let the horse take off running. They did not just use branding on the houses and cattle. They used this with a every hot or a very cold pease of iron that was words or a symbol to mark you a lot of the time this was used on their slaves to identify then if they ever ran away. This was draft down the the americas, mostly the south by rich slave owners. They sometimes they would cut a small hole to the person's gut and cut their intestines out. Then tie them to a rod and twist the rod and slowly pull the intestines out of the body. Torser is still on the books in many places around the
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