Torture : Torture By Jean Amery

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Margo Dyer GRMN-JWST: 2502010 Professor Weber Recitation Fri. 11 AM- Emily Torture According to Amery Torture, (n.), the action or practice of inflicting severe pain on someone as a punishment or to force them to do or say something, or for the pleasure of the person inflicting the pain. After reading “Torture” by Holocaust survivor, Jean Amery, it is clear that the above definition of torture does not provide an honest connotative definition for the act and effects of torture. Amery speaks about torture from his own personal experiences in both Auschwitz and Buchenwald, providing witness to the dehumanization of Jews. In “Torture”, Jean Amery truthfully depicts torture as an unimaginable terror, in which one loses sense of self, human dignity, and trust in the world, while gaining a haunted future. Throughout the Holocaust torture was used by many Nazis in order to get the Jewish prisoners to do something or give information. Torture has always been an element of Fascism, and Amery argues that “...torture was not an accidental quality of this Third Reich, but its essence”. He continues to even say that if torture were removed from Fascism, there would be nothing left. In Hitler’s Germany, Nazis tortured for information, “but in addition they tortured with good conscience of depravity”, meaning they were aware of the moral corruption it was causing, all in all “they tortured because they were torturers”. Nazis purposefully placed torture in their ways, but became

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