Torture: Why It Should Stop

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Torture: Why It Should Stop
Torture, the most extreme form of human violence, resulting in both physical and psychological consequences. A technique of interrogation that has been proven time and time again to not only be ineffective but also a waste of time. Studies have shown that not only does torture psychologically damage the mind of the victim, but also can hurt the inflictor. If there is proof that torture is useless, why do we still use it? Torture should not be used to get information out of prisoners because of the risk of false information, enemy resistance and utter uselessness.
Tortured prisoners give false information. One writer writes “Many survivors of torture report that they would have said anything to make the torture
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Also, People who would like to “leak” information about what they know, may feel scared to do so, because of what they think might happen to them. This is why torturing ANYONE is not effective. It complicates further operations and puts a strain on your relation. As one writer puts it “Winning the “hearts and minds” of communities around the world is a key objective in combating violence against civilians” (“Why Torture Makes Us less Safe”). However, that relationship doesn’t work when you torture civilians or people of interest because you think they know something! If people are tortured and it is later found out that they are innocent, what type of country would we look like? Or what happens when we accidentally kill someone with information during torture? Torture messed up our relations with other countries, and makes further operations two times harder.
Last but not least, Torture is a slow gruesome process that causes the prisoner to shut down and conjure up false is not as effective or glamou. As a former FBI agent says torture techniques used by the Bush administration were ““ineffective, slow and unreliable” and caused the prisoner to stop talking. (“EX-FBI Interrogator Torture “Ineffective”). Methods like sleep deprivation take almost 180 hours to complete and certain situations that amount of time won’t be available. In a “tick tock” situation, you can’t afford to waste 180 hours waiting
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