Tortured for Christ

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Richard Wurmbrand writes the gripping story of his life as a Christian in Rumanian under communist rule. He spent fourteen years living in communist prisons for his faith. Ransomed for ten thousand dollars, Wurmbrand escaped to the Western world with the intention of bringing to light the horrors of communism and to be a voice for the underground church.
Wurmbrand grew up as an atheist and had a beautiful conversion. He says “out of remorse for having been an atheist, I longed from the first day of my conversion to be able to witness to the Russians. The Russians are a people raised from childhood in atheism.” (pg. 3) Shortly after his conversion, Nazism came to Rumania, allowing him the opportunity to share the message of Christ to the
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There is not really a high cost for me to share my faith. At the most, I might get laughed at or labeled. Why do I only share my faith with friends. I was challenged by his urgency to share the faith. My heart is broken for my brothers and sisters who die daily for their faith under the horrors of Communism or even under Islam. As I think about how this applies to my life and future work, Wurmbrand says “I hate the communist system, but I love the men. I hate the sin, but I love the sinner. I love the Communists with all my heart. Communists can kill Christians, but they cannot kill their love toward even these who killed them. I have not the slightest bitterness or resentment against the Communists or my tortures.”
Wurmbrand’s heart is beautiful and it looks so much like Christ’s. I want a heart that looks like that. I want to have so much love for the sinner. I can’t imagine what our world would look like if the Church, the Body of Christ had a love this strong. I do not know where I will be going after my two years of schooling, but hearing Wurmbrand’s story urges me on in love for the lost. It reminds me that every person, no matter who they are, has a right and a need to hear of the love of
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