Torvald Helmer 's A Doll House

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In A Doll House, we see that Torvald Helmer, the lawyer, is a condescending, selfish, and quite authoritative. He easily becomes the antagonist in the play because of his arrogance and bad treatment towards his wife and his employers. Torvald had these motivation placed in his mind by society that guided what he did and how he acted. The main motivation, on a societal level, which stuck out most in this play, was his status/reputation. He acted in any, which selfish way, to increase his status among others, even his treatment of people, especially Nora. His actions and behaviors are driven by this motivation to uphold a high reputation and social acceptance.
Torvald is only concerned with, in regard to his relationship with Nora, how well she makes him look and what other people think about it. If he has a beautiful, obedient wife and joyful relationship, people will respect him. They’re relationship, on the outside appears to be happy. But, when you analyze their relationship, you see Nora is treated like a child in this relationship, but as the play progresses she begins to realize how phony her marriage is. Torvald sees Nora 's only role as being the subservient and loving wife. He refers to Nora as "my little squirrel" (185), “my little lark” (185), or “little spendthrift” (185). He only sees her as a possession. Torvald calls Nora by pet-names and speaks down to her because he thinks that she is not intelligent and that she can not think on her own. Whenever she begins

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