Tossed Out : Food Waste In America

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The Film: Tossed Out: Food Waste in America is mainly talking about the phenomenon of food wasted in America and how to transfer the food waste into something useful for mankind. In fact, food waste is very serious in the United states. About 35 million tons of food is wasted every year, and these wasted foods can be filled with 100 Empire building. According to statistics, the environmental protection department of the United States into the landfill of 20% of all food, these wasted foods can make 2 million people from New Year's day to eat it. And of course, the types of food that are wasted are diverse. The most widely consumed foods in the United States are vegetables, followed by fruits and dairy. Of course, a lot of meat, eggs, grain and so on are wasted. Most of the food waste in the countryside is not eaten vegetables, and in the city is half the fast food eaten. People also have different attitudes towards throwing away unwanted food. On the good side, they think they don't have to think about the wasted food anymore, or even smell the food; but in the negative, they just don't care about the wasted food. Where did these wasted foods come from? Maybe people just don't like the taste of these foods, but the main reason is that they don't think of food as a resource, but they think of it just as a given. Also, food waste has a huge impact on the country's economy and natural environment. Every year, 40% of the food is produced, but never eaten on the table. These

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