Total Cost of Ownership and IT Recruitment in Healthcare

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Part 1: TCO Elements - Review the administrative and clinical Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) elements that are measured for your organization. Identify two to three administrative and two to three clinical elements that are particular to your organization. Provide a brief description of why these elements have been identified as critical to TCO. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is framework for understand the hidden costs and benefits of technology that may not necessary be apparent in the initial expense procuring certain technical solutions (Hockel & Hamilton, 2011). An example may be upgrade costs associated with acquiring a new computer. The initial pricing for the computer may be apparent, but the future costs that will be incurred to improve the unit or make more robust and proficient must also be considered. Administrative elements within our organization include training, support and maintenance. Training is critical in consideration of TCO because if not accounted for correctly and provided, end users are more likely to resist changes to new systems, platforms and, slowing adoption of a new solution and adversely impacting productivity (Hockel & Hamilton, 2011). General support is a critical part of TCO because unexpected needs may arise that can jeopardize performance of solutions. For instance, system downtime can negatively impact the bottom line of the business. Support in the form of dedicated helpdesk services (if not automatically provided under contract),
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