Total Frat Move Summary

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Total Frat Move exists on the internet as a horrifying compilation of the degradation of women, blatant racism, and ignorant dialogue gender theorists fear. Within minutes of scrolling, users come across albums of sorority girls’ breasts and articles about the “TFM Babe Of The Day”, among other shocking topics covered on the site. The recent posts tab appears less harmful than the homepage, but houses possibly the worst material, including a Snapchat of an unsuspecting woman who is implied to have recently had sex with the caption “Making sure she leaves with everything except her dignity”. This paper analyzes the picture through the perspectives of feminist theorists Stevens, Valentine, and Berger, then in conclusion relates these theorists’…show more content…
Society celebrates when a man has sex for the first time and pushes them to continue, but harshly critiques women who fall on either end of the binary. When a woman chooses to wait to be intimate, she’s labeled as childish or a prude, but if she speaks too confidently of her sexual feelings she’s seen as impure. Angi Becker Stevens addresses this discrepancy between men and women’s sexuality, as well as infidelity, in her article Should Feminists Be Critical of Compulsory Monogamy? by critiquing how the act of a male engaging in cheating is viewed as more acceptable by society than a female participating in similar acts. She explains, “When men break the bonds of monogamy, they are seen as giving in to their base, masculine nature. But when women commit infidelity, they are viewed as not only betraying a partner, but betraying their virtuous, sexually pure gender role as well”. Stevens would critique this fraternity boy’s picture by first deconstructing the caption. The idea of leaving “with everything except her dignity” could carry the implication that the girl is lacking loyalty and cheated on her significant other, or the suggestion that her purity and reputation have been
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