Total Qaulity Management

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Name: Saeed Abid ID #: 083095 TQM Assignment 1 (Quality Management and Performance Improvement module) Critically assess an organisation (from any sector or size) in relation to the application of “Quality Culture” and its relation to the “Global Competitiveness”. Devise and discuss an improvement plan. Your response should include an introductory section containing key organisational contextual information such as, sector, products, numbers employed, key finance measures, growth trends, market trends. You should support your response with a semi-structured interview with the person most responsible for innovation in your organisations. Tape, transcribe and use quotes from the interview. Length: Length: about…show more content…
another Phase regarding quality culture was that listening to the consumers complains and feedbacks to try to keep them satisfied and to keep Toyota in the professional limit, not only to consider what the consumers notes no but to try as soon as possible to make the change to be in good picture. Toyotas efficiency was going backwards it hired many engineers worldwide but did not make sure that these engineers are qualified because they were too busy in manufacturing they didn’t think that it is really important to take care of every single thing, because that is a car which needs really good care and the right people to work on. Being the largest manufacturer made them blind after they were in the top some faults started to get raised; on the other hand they stopped considering the consumers complaints. After all of these disasters took place, they knew that they should take care of the quality culture not only to manufacture but to make sure to satisfy the consumers and to keep their reputation clean. A Toyota executive said “Positive trends in world trade should encourage politicians and companies to take a step forward in the global economy, rather than hide behind the protectionist screen of "managed trade". Speaking before The Los Angeles World Affairs Council, Yale Gieszl, executive vice president of Toyota Motor Sales, USA pointed out that trade between the United States and Japan is really a two-way street. "Last year, U.S. exports to Japan
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