Total Quality Management : An Organization

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Total Quality Management is a management approach to the way an organization conducts business. It focuses on the long term success of the company through customer satisfaction (Lyle, 2013). Continued improvement is viewed as a process, not a short term goal (WebFinance, Inc., 2015). Total Quality Management encompasses the value of the customer, and puts quality first. The level of quality is determined by the customer, and is called customer-defined quality (Reed & Sanders). Total Quality Management was created and has evolved around the quality of every aspect of a company. Quality is not easily defined. People can have different opinions about what quality is or the level of quality that is needed. To further complicate the matter, the quality meaning has changed over time. Manufacturing and servicing companies, have different measurements of quality. The manufacturing company bases its quality off of tangible products. One way of measuring quality in a tangible item is conformance, or a preset order of specifications. Some other common ways manufacturing company’s value quality is durability, performance, features, serviceability, and features. Servicing companies offer an intangible product that cannot be touched or seen. Defining quality can be difficult with services. Since services is an experience, perception defines the quality of services (Reed & Sanders). Time and consistency are very important perceptual factors for measuring quality in a

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