Total Quality Management: Case Analysis of the Highway Agency

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The overall effect on the Highway Agency was a unified TQM framework that resonated with strong change management performance levels. "Best practices in TQM programs and strategies are predicated on and anchored in effective ongoing leadership of the programs that focus on knowledge sharing" (Oakland, 2011). All of these factors together led to a much greater level of coordination and synchronization across the Highway Agency which reduced resistance to change, fear of how the changes would impact individual status and roles, while infusing greater knowledge into the organization.
Analysis Of Why The Highways Agency's TQM Methodology Succeeded
The foundation of the Highway Agency's success with their TQM strategy emanated from the leadership's ability to create a knowledge-sharing network. "Creating a high level of trust and transparency in the context of TQM frameworks and strategies is essential for their success" (Ooi, Cheah, Lin, Teh, 2012) combined with their ability to define a TQM framework that clearly defined everyone's role and future . These two elements were very powerful catalysts in the Highway Agency's ability to create an…
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