Total Quality Management

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Total Quality Management Total quality management is something that was introduced to us around the 1950s. By the 1980s this was something that had been implemented more into many different businesses and the movement began. A total quality management team is defined as the techniques an association uses to recover not only the quality of its company and services but also its production level. This technique involves a lot of joint effort and is used through-out an organization. Everyone is included in this management from the employees to the inside staff a company employs. Externally TQM is also used with people such as the clients that the company associates their business with and the customers that use their services or products. Most importantly, TQM’s main objective is to implement efficient production and quality that will in return increase a companies revenue and also give the company a boost against its competition ( “Intro and Impl.” Para 2. 2010) The idea for a Total Quality Management team overall we know is to make the company as a whole a better place for everyone working in it. But more specifically what they are mainly concerned about is having steady and continuous improvements in all areas, from the bottom floor to the top. What the management team has found or feels, is that you can prevent mistakes and defects if properly handled and trained. When you have continuous improvements within a company you then have to handle the improving results and
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