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Total Quality Management Paper

This paper is about Total Quality Management (TQM). There are several parts to this paper that will now be outlined. First, Total Quality Management will be defined. Second, a description of the impact of globalization on quality will be discussed. Third, traditional management styles will be compared and contrasted with management styles focused on quality. Fourth, an explanation of how TQM should apply to my organization will be discussed.
TQM Defined:
The definition of Total Quality Management was defined by SEMATECH in 1990. This definition has stood up well against scrutiny and is widely accepted as accurate:
“Total Quality Management is a holistic business management methodology that
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This management style is predicated on the ‘ends justifies the means’ philosophy. Managers feel justified in letting quality standards slip, adjusting output to meet quotas and generally forfeiting the right production standards and procedures to pander to results ("Quality-focused vs. traditional management styles"). A quality focused management style focuses on employee involvement. Employees are encouraged to be creative and to share ideas. Employees tend to work in mutually supportive teams. When change is needed, processes are looked at for change, not people ("MGT 449 week one," 2008).
TQM Application
This section explains how TQM should apply to my organization. I work for Nalco Company. Quality is essential in the retention of customers. Accounts can easily be lost if quality is not present. My company can improve in Total Quality Management. Quality is emphasized greatly to the Salesman but not to the Service Technicians. Insufficient training is typical. The epitome is that the Service Technicians have more face time with the customer than the Salesman ever have. After selling an account the service technicians takes over and after several years Nalco usually loses the account due to quality. Nalco charges a premium for its services and customers choose Nalco for quality service.
Here are some ways that Nalco Company can improve in terms of TQM. Top management can emphasize the importance of quality to its

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