Total Quality Management for an Mba Program

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TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT FOR AN MBA PROGRAM ANANT ANAND FALL 2008 TOTAL MANAGEMENT PROGRAM FOR AN MBA PROGRAM ABSTRACT Total Quality Management is a business management strategy or philosophy that is a combination of quality and management tools aimed at increasing business and reducing losses due to wasteful practices. It’s a method of involving management and employees in the continuous improvement of production quality of goods or services. The concept of TQM is also applicable in academics. It is believed that Deming’s concept of TQM can provide guiding principals for much needed educational reforms in our society. TQM can be equally implemented in an MBA Program in the same manner as it will be implemented in any…show more content…
 Front end never costs for the quality, life cycle costs for the quality.  Waste management and reduction is one of the primary concerns. TQM MEASURES FOR MBA PROGRAMME While implementing TQM measures in an MBA program, it has been found that more emphasis is given on improvement of administrative rather than academic functioning. Improvement in academic functioning is equally required for managing Total Quality in an MBA program. If TQM succeeds only in administrative reform then it will be not more than a marginal reform in the quality of the MBA Program. There can be many loopholes in academic activities of an MBA Program so bringing merely administrative reform would not promise for improvement in total quality of the program. Professors use to have a very strong self interest in improving the teaching and research standard but his self interest should be supported by the top management to bring the total quality in an MBA Program. Top management at any MBA Program should provide enough freedom to individuals and the work groups within the organization so that individuals can accommodate some changes that is required for the quality to improve. Also, the work groups present within the organization should be given free hands in taking some quality related decision. This type of practice would definitely lead to improvement in the overall quality of the MBA Program because freedom gives a sense of ownership and encouragement to the individuals
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