Essay on Total Quality Management of an Event

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Total Quality Management in London Fashion Week By Name Course Instructor Institution Location Date Table of Contents Table of Contents ii 1. Introduction 1 2. Strategies Used to Manage Quality within an London Fashion Week 1 2.1 Continuous Improvement 2 2.2 Employee Empowerment 2 2.3 Benchmarking 3 2.4 Quality Circles 4 2.5 Just-in-time (JIT) 5 2.6 Knowledge of TQM tools 5 3. Staff Management Variation in London Fashion Week 6 4. Conclusion 7 References 8 1. Introduction Total quality management (TQM) involves principles that ensure that every organization stakeholders especially managers and staff are committed to attaining and maintaining highest standards in their respective duties. Events have…show more content…
2.1 Continuous Improvement The strategy ensures that there is an effort to improve progressively the standards of products, services, and processes in the event. It always aims at providing better future results compared to the current one. Even if the customer is currently satisfied, continuous improvement aims at exciting the client by exceeding their needs or expectations hence making them loyal to the events firm or company. Continuous improvement determines opportunities for rationalization of activities of the event and minimizing, and eliminating waste. It is a formal practice with four principal phases; identify, plan, implement and review. Opportunities on areas identified then planned for on how they can be improved in the event, the planned improvements implemented and the progress monitored, and evaluated. During monitoring and evaluation, more opportunities of improving the event can be identified or defects or challenges identified hence a response action is initiated to minimize or prevent harm (Kaynak 2003). Working to progressively enhance processes in the event is an effective strategy of reducing operational cost. It streamlines the implementation of event activities hence making it efficient. As a result, time and capital are saved, leading to increased profits. Therefore, the event manager needs to utilize this strategy always to make any event a success. 2.2 Employee Empowerment
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