Total Quality Plan Implementation Essay

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Total Quality Plan Implementation
When approaching a problem with a quality process, it is important to make a total commitment to the implementation of the project. The process should be from the top down and have the support of all members in the organization. Obstacles that might affect the implementation or success of a process are lack of motivation, lack of commitment or a weak strategic plan. Creating a new quality process requires preparedness for change and an effective
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In conclusion, the paper will address the timeline expected to implement the new process and close the gap between the "as is" and "to be" work flow.
Phases of Implementation There are various phases in a quality process improvement. At Northrop Grumman, processes are improved using the Six Sigma process. The Six Sigma process includes five phases. The first stage is to define. This stage requires the team to create a SIPOC, describing suppliers, inputs, process, outputs and customers. Next, identify the customer and data that helps the team understand the customer's critical needs. The team will put together a team charter that includes the business case, which is the business reason for the proposed project, a problem statement specifically answering the what, where, when and to what extent of the project. The next part of the charter is a goal statement that meets the SMART criteria, and confirming that no one else has collected that data (Rath, 2003). Roles and responsibilities are assigned to each team member and documented. The project scope defines the starting point, insurance against scope creep and what constraints might affect the team. Milestones schedule a time limit for reaching each level of the process from start to end by using a Gantt chart of some similar chart. Finally a communication plan is developed for content during team
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