Total War During World War II

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What is meant by the concept of Total War? Total war is best described as a country’s 100% effort. All means of production and accomplishment are geared towards what is the best way to win a war.
How was WWII the maximum example of Total War? Most Allies and Axis countries, namely Germany, had geared their economy towards pouring all their resources into the attempt of winning the war. In no other war was this done as much as it was during World War II.
Mass Produced Warfare:
Compare the military production of the various major Allied and Axis powers during WWII. What observations can you make about the outcome of the war based on this information? There are many ways of defining military production, but in the broadest way,
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By not taking in other factors, and by looking at production amounts only, it is obvious that the Allies would win. There was no means of resources that the Axis powers excelled in, and had few people who fought in the war. Both sides of the war had at this time undergone industrial revolutions, had at least somewhat equal caliber machinery. This means that it would be almost physically impossible for the Axis to defeat the Allies.
Strategic Bombing:
What do the websites say about the effectiveness of bombing campaigns in disrupting the war effort of the Axis during WWII? According to the majority of the information on the websites, the bombing campaigns put in place by the Allies were not very effective. The main goal of the bombing campaigns were to break the morale of the Axis citizens, specifically Germany. This was done by instead of fully wiping out cities, leaving them only half damaged to show the power of the armies. However, these bombings did little to no damage to the will of Germans. People still were willing to support the Nazi cause. The German economy was very much destroyed, thanks to the bombing efforts, but military production was still proceeding, as the Germans were prepared for the Total War involved. It is also stated that as a result of the bombings, Germany’s mobility was shrunken, as they could not move as fast as they wanted.
What about the collateral damage involved? The amount of collateral damage that the
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