How Is Animal Farm A Totalitarian Government

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Government is in all aspects of every day life. Quality of life depends on how effective a government is at ruling and guiding its people. It is challenging finding good leaders who will effectively make decisions for the benefit of the people and who will make sure their country is thriving. There are many types of government, and all of them each have a favorable trait which makes them seem superior to the rest, but some governments are better to others. Due to its effectiveness and way of life, a totalitarian government is better than a democracy.
In Animal Farm, one of the main causes of Napoleon's power over all of the animals was his use of propaganda, a classic totalitarian tool. He used it to manipulate the uneducated animals and …show more content…

Every day, there are always angry protesters marching through the streets creating chaos. The slogan of “Government of the people, by the people, and for the people” is the foundation of the democracy in America, and because of this, everyone has a right to vote and protest what they believe in. There is never a common ground, and politicians, whose jobs are to better the lives of the American people, just put on war paint and point their guns at each other, instead of fighting on the same side. In a democracy, there are always groups fighting against other groups. For example, conservatives are always fighting against liberals and the country is torn. It is important for a democracy to have common ground or else there will never be peace in a society, unlike in a totalitarian government. In a totalitarian government, a dictator is the only person allowed to make decisions, which is the opposite for a democracy. The ability to ineffectively make decisions in a democratic government is the reason why America is currently in a crisis. A few old men aren’t able to agree on anything, and they shut down the government. The American democracy is built in a way that every person has the right to speak their opinion. Congress prevents President Obama from making a single move, in fear they won’t get what they want. Of course, guiding the president from making rash decisions is crucial, but the American government and the freedom of Congress to shoot

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